04 March 2009


This story went back to 17 Feb 2009 (Tuesday).  That morning, mommy noticed that my right eye looked smaller than my left.  At first she thought I had an eye infection but upon closer inspection, she saw that I had a bump beneath my right eye on the cheek area.  Worried, she called up the vet to book appointment but the next available slot would be 3 days away!!!  So in the mean time she monitored the bump, at the same time worried whether the bump was caused by tooth infection.  Eye infection was unlikely as my eye looked normal.

By Friday, the bump looked reddish.  When the vet asked whether I had been in a fight, got bitten by a bug or knocked into something, the answers were all negative.  Everything had been very normal until that 17-Feb-morning!  Vet also thought it was not any tooth infection as my teeth were "not too bad" ... she had come across dogs with rotten teeth yet no infection so it was highly unlikely that mine was.  She said she could use a needle to prick the bump on the spot to drain the pus if any, but mommy told her that I super scared of pain; the needle prick would probably send me screaming at the top of my lungs!  So the only course of action left was to prescribe some medications and antibiotics for me, see if the swelling would subside or maybe burst? (!!!)  Worst case scenario would be to put me under anaesthetic so that vet could cut up the bump. OMG!

The next day the bump had become softer to the touch (mommy suspected that there might be some liquid/pus inside) and appeared blue-blackish.  Then suddenly in the evening when I was following mommy around, her foot accidently knocked against my bump.  At first she did not realise but I gave a big yelp and scurried away, leaving a trail of blood drops on the floor.  Mommy thought I had diarrhea but immediately realised that my bump had burst!  True enough, the bump was gone but replaced by blood.  She struggled to wipe away the blood on my cheek (and I struggled to turn my head away :P).  By then that spot had already got my fur stuck together.  We did not rush to the vet as they were fully booked.  We went the next day instead, to get the wound properly cleaned.

The following day at the vet, it was another saga!  Vet had to trim away the fur on that spot but it was very painful.  Mommy and daddy were told to wait outside while the vet and her assistant struggled to get the cleaning job done.  Later on mommy told me that while they were waiting at the reception, they could hear me screaming and crying and that mommy felt really heart-pain.  After several tormenting minutes, mommy and daddy could go into the room again.  Mommy saw that on the examination table were a few pieces of my poo.  Yep! All that struggling in pain had my poo all forced out! :'(    We left the clinic with saline solution and antiseptic cream for my wound.

The wound looked like this:



All along I could not and had never put on an e-collar.  I disliked having something circling my head and particularly scared of the velcro sound zipping on/off!  So this was how I looked when mommy tried the e-collar on me:


I remained stationary on sitting position (like in the pic), only panting non-stop.  Mommy gave up the idea upon seeing that I was so distraught.  Luckily I was a good boy too.  I did not for once touch or scratch at the wound.  (Mommy: "You lied! You did scratch at it twice last Saturday causing it to bleed a little".)   :P


Today after 1.5 weeks, the wound is all dried and closed up.  Daddy says "Bowie so MAN, has a scar!"  Hee...hee...hee...



psst, not only that, I did not bath for 12 days so I smelled very MAN too whoahahaha.... mommy could not tahan and bathed me on the 12th day.  Sigh, all the sufferings not even knowing the cause!

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