13 March 2009

"Mind Your Manners"

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Mommy first saw this lovely feeder while browsing at Amazon website.  It dispenses kibbles for me at meal times. But it's not just a feeder. It's called MannersMinder Remote Reward Training System (by Premier). As described by Amazon: "If Fido is barking at the door, jumping on house guests, or begging at the table for food far too much, here’s a great way to help him learn to mind his manners. The MannersMinder features a remote -controlled feeding tray that lets you reward Fido with a snack for good behavior without getting out of your lounge chair. By targeting and rewarding desired good behaviors, the system is an invaluable tool in helping redirect a dog's focus from unwanted behaviors. Highly effective in stopping problem behaviors..."

Mommy said I have all the unwanted behaviours described :(  and so got it to train me.  The machine can be set to dispense kibbles/treats at fixed or varied intervals and whether to dispense one treat or multiple treats at a time.

Product Features:
  • Trains through positive reinforcement
  • Instantly links a food reward to desired good behavior
  • Extendable target wand can be used with or without the base
  • Hand-held remote can operate on 4 separate channels from up to 100 feet away
  • Illustrated user guide and training DVD included
  • Uses 4 size D batteries (not included)


A video clip of me being fed with it:

Mommy's testimony:
Lucky thing Bowie is very much motivated by food! However, that is not to say that dogs not so food-motivated cannot be trained with it. You just have to spare more efforts as with any other form of training. I like that a training DVD is also provided besides a printed (calender-like) training manual. The DVD shows both correct and incorrect training methods which are great! I followed the training tips closely and although I have not completed all the stages with Bowie yet, I am happy enough with the results so far.

For example, he barks and jumps at the door whenever someone visits at the door or when the repairman is in the house. With the MannersMinder, his attention is focused on it instead.

You can read more testimonials by other users here.

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