18 July 2011

King's Bed

Am not referring to the size of the bed.  Am talking about moi, the KING, in my hoomans' my bed! 

Mommy threatened warned me that I MUST hide her face or else! 

This is how I like to stick my butt and back to Mom!

So comfy!

This is Daddy's side of the bed where I usually take over (after he'd left to work early in the mornings). My back is in line with the pillow ... ... somehow I love to do that, even sleeping on the floor being in line with the wall.

One thing I want to mention is the mattress.  It's a rather new one being used only from Feb this year, and Mom actually won it in a lucky draw (if only it's a Toto she won! *day dreaming*). It's a Serta Hotel Collection - Grand Suite mattress.  It is 14" (34cm) thick plus the bed frame's height about 10" (25cm),  total height is a whopping 24" (59cm) which is a lot for this small doggie here.  First time I tried jumping up this new bed, I slided back down to the floor after slamming the side of the mattress!!  Our old mattress was 4" (10cm) shorter... I had started to have problem jumping even that height due to age I don't know why.

From then on my hoomans will carry me up and down the bed like a king whenever I want to go up or down.  There are times that I'll just go up/down on my own as I'm a daredevil! BOL and that sends Mom's heart pumping hard.  Not a perfect jump up the bed, I'll still be like hanging at the edge of a cliff using my biceps to pull up my hind legs.  She's just so scared that I'll break my skinny lil' legs one day :P   

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