09 December 2011

Health Exam 2011 - Part 1

Last Sunday I was at the 3-letter place:  V..E..T !

As I've joined the rank of Senior Citizens (8.5 years old now), Mommy wants a FULL health check on me that included both blood and urine tests.  Boy, was I nervous that even the vet thought I was one of the most (if not the most!) nervous dog he'd come across!  I grabbed at Daddy's arms till they were full of scratches; you see, I was SO nervous that he had to help being the vet's assistant!  Mommy stayed clear of me as she had to keep her head cool to listen to what the vet had to say & to ask questions.

"I'm sorry Daddy!" :(

RESULTS:  Unfortunately I did not score 100%:
  • Both eyes starting with mild cataracts.  Slight tearing which is fine.
  • Left ear slightly painful when 'poked' (I'm sure 'poke' is not the correct word to use but that sure looked like what the vet was doing to me!).  However, both ears were extremely clean.
  • Vet commented that my teeth were "solid" (that's his exact word!) although they've got tartar*. Hopefully they'll turn out to be really solid upon closer examination*.
  • My throat* was painful when it was pressed but I would not allow vet to check further into it.
  • Limbs were fine; vet commented my hind legs were full of muscles (Mom told him I got that from all the jumping up on people..ahem!).
  • Heart murmur detected! Oh gosh! But I've yet to show any much symptom *paws crossed*
  • Anal gland expressed ... erm.., seemed Mommy had not done too well on this!
* I've been scheduled for what's going to be my first ever dental scaling this Sunday! While under general anaesthesia, vet will also check on my throat. Mommy is praying that at most let it be just an infection if there's anything wrong with it.

Blood and urine test results were out the following day:
  • Liver enzymes high  :(
  • There's urinary tract infection :(  (prescribed antibiotics).
After blood samples were drawn, my arms:

The bruised area was bigger and worse than seen in the pics; it's not yet gone as at today! It was my fault as I kept moving due to my nervousness :'(  

Napping after the traumatic health check!


  1. we will keep our paws crossed for ya. Hope that V-E-T just doesn't want your loot to buy Christmas gifts
    Benny & Lily

  2. The things we're subjected to. Our sympathies are with you.

    Actually it's not too bad of a report, sounds like you don't have anything major...so good health to you and many, many more treats.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & roxy


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