11 December 2011

Health Exam 2011 - Part 2

As mentioned in my post here, this morning I went for my scheduled dental scaling and at the same time finding out more about the pain in my throat.

My pawrents left me at the vet's at 9.40am. They came back for me at 10.30am (same day) and I was already waiting for them at the back room.  Vet's report to Mommy:

  • No teeth extracted.  "All teeth strong". (OMD! Mommy was quite surprised yet secretly happy about it).
  • Throat pain due to redness at the tip of Epiglottis*.

* Nothing to be done for now.  To go back for review in a month's time. Then, will also run a urine test again to see whether my urinary tract infection is gone or not.

So, I was brought out and handed over to Mommy in my own personal crate that Mommy left at the clinic.  I was already awake from the anaesthetic effect but not fully awake.

How I looked (taken after reaching home):
My head, face and upper chest area were all wet!

Still groggy with heavy eyelids.  Not much response too.

My limbs were still weak and wobbly.  When I could walked a little, it was wobbly.  I recovered strength only at 3+pm after zzzzzz-ing.

There was also an embarassing incident.  I plonked down on one of my beds and Daddy noticed some wet spots where I laid.  Mommy touched and realized it was from my private part. So they quickly moved me onto the tiled floor. Before long, I was leaking pee.  At first it was just a small puddle, then Mommy decided that she might as well cleaned up just once so she helped me by slightly pressing on my bladder.  Ooooosshh....boy, my bladder was relieved! But gosh, where did all those water come from???!!  Anyway, it was all good after that.

Now I am back to my usual self and my appetite has come back too (had to fast since 10pm last night and no appetite when I was still groggy earlier)! Yay!


  1. Glad you still have all of your teeth and I hope your infection goes away too!!

  2. poor baby. Hope you keep all your teeths, but the ONLY thing good about losing one is a teeths fairy comes
    Benny & Lily

  3. Good news!!! Glad you've recovered.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy


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