27 February 2012

Good News

Today's post rather wordy but please bear with me.  Mom made me I want to share this good news with every buddy.

You might remember that after the dental scaling I had last Dec 2011, the Vet told us that something in my throat appeared reddish?  We went back one month later in mid-Jan 2012 for a review (same Vet 'A').  I was not somebuddy that would just open my mouth and let others peer inside! *gosh, what are the humans thinking??!*  So they tried very hard to open my mouth and Vet 'A' only managed to catch a glimpse of my tonsil and that it was red!

The advice then was to put me on some antibiotics as the tonsils were probably inflamed.  We were to go back again for review in 1 month's time.  Mom asked what would happen if in 1 month's time the tonsil/s still red or swollen?  Vet's answer sent Mom's blood pressure up the ceiling she nearly had heart attack! He said he would sedate me to have a proper look at my throat.  If tonsil/s still red, might have to have it/them removed!! *WHAT????*  The rest of sentences were just like background noises in Mom's ears..."might be cancerous"...was the only thing she heard.

Mom worried about my throat for the next 1 month (which felt like a year, she said).  She typed furiously on the keyboard Googling for some answers..explanations.  Finally she decided to have a 2nd opinion and went to Vet 'B' earlier this month.  I was sedated for a quick look and indeed one of my tonsils was STILL inflamed. But there is no such extreme need for removal of the tonsil!! *Thank God!*  I was given an antibiotic injection plus medications and sent home. Mommy could finally worry less as there would be no need for surgery.

We went back for review 2 weeks later, which was last Sunday.  I was sedated again :(.  10 minutes later Vet carried me out and told my Pawrents that the inflammation had gone away! Mom asked "so it's back to normal now?". Vet answered "his throat is now even better than mine!". BOL!

I am free from antibiotics and Mommy is happy!

Note from Mommy:  I learnt from these past 2 vet visits that to be sedated is different from under anaesthetic.  Sedation is only a quick inhaling of gas (very little amount) so the subject 'sleeps' for a very short time.  Silly me, I thought they are interchangeable terms!


  1. Hey Bowie, I am glad you're in top shape.

    Yes, when they say that doggies will get sedated, it is pretty scary as they take the risk of him now waking up. So I am glad that the doctor got a look at your tonsils.

    Not all of them know the right answer, and it's a good thing your mom sought a second opinion.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. Awwwww, we can just imagine how worried your mummy was. We are so glad that your throat is all better and you are feeling much better too. Now, time to benefit from some lovely treats :)xxxx

  3. I'm so glad your throat is better Bowie!


  4. We thought those terms were the same, as well.

    So happy everything is cleared up and just with some medicine..Yay!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    Bowie certainly looks happy.

  5. I've only just read about your throat problems..... and I'm happy that you have overcome them!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie


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