02 February 2012

Personal Hygiene And Grooming - Part 1

After every walk / vet visit / any outing,  I would go through this torture cleaning routine:

  • (1) - wipe all hands and feet with wet wipes.
  • (2) - wipe whole body especially chest, belly, inner thighs & butt with a damp cloth.
  • (3) - wipe whole body AGAIN with a dry cloth.  (*whispering* Mommy says mold will grow on my skin if it is not wiped dry! Yea, yea...as if!)

... ... and we're not done yet. There's torture part 2.  


  1. That's some routine. We only get tortured is we've been in the river or mud puddles.....although Roxy has some doggie wet-ones because she tends to roll in stuff.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. I understand the torture--i mean, cleaning routine-- you have to go through... ain't Singapore muddy and grassy.

    Woof to you,

  3. Oh no! Sounds HORRIBLE! What's part2??? Can't wait to see, but Finn is shivering just thinking about it! :)

  4. Mommy sounds awesome in the human's point of view. I think I'll commend mommy.

    Whisper to Bowie: Horrible...just horrible. You have the right to demand more treats every time such injustice occurs.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  5. mold????every doggy woggy???

    PS..thanks for the Birthday greetings you sweetie pie!

  6. Mom wipes our paws down too with wipes that say anti-bacterial! She says nasty people leave their dogs poo all over the sidewalk...she makes us walk around it, but we're indoor dogs and she doesn't want all that nasty stuff in our house. Sometimes she washes our paws with warm water and soap if it's super dirty on our walks. We think it's terrible it happens to you too. Our mom likes shes not alone in wiping down dogs after walks.


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