15 March 2013

Baby ...?

... Or Dog? Which am I??

There's this front carrier for human pups. (Image taken from www.kaboodle.com)

Then thanks to some genius, similar idea gave birth to front carrier for dogs. (Image taken from www.etsy.com)

Some carriers made to resemble a handbag or sling bag!! *gasp*
(image taken from www.4-legged.com)

This is ME in the picture, not some dog-model taken from some website!

And yes! Like the above picture with pink carrier, I can be carried like a bag if Mommy wanted to.  By the way, my feet were off ground as Mommy actually lifted me up :(

Mommy has bought the carrier for many years (7.5 years to be exact!!) but have not actually used on me except for trying out.  She bought it thinking we might just need it one day.  That ONE DAY had actually came last week.  See my next post for more story...

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  1. We saw one a Westie in one of those 'front' carriers, but he was on his dad's back on a motorbike! Just an idea.

    We prefer to walk.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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