01 March 2013

Laser Eyes

I gave Mommy permission to write an entry today.

"I was watching TV one day in the afternoon when I looked out to the balcony and saw this:

I had to double-check that it was not his reflection on the glass door. Yes! Bowie was staring at me from our balcony (looking through the glass door)! This was the first time he did it and I thought it was kind of funny.  

After a while, he came inside.

Hopped onto the sofa and slept next to me (^_^).

[Note: I know that during the day due to the bright sun, if we looked inside from the balcony, we see mostly just reflections on the glass door and have to stare hard to see through inside.  We tested it out with Bowie and found that he can actually see us (waving to him) whenever he's in the balcony and we are at the other side of the glass door.  Maybe dogs have laser eyes.]"

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  1. Bowie knows exactly what he wants....and how to get it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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