22 May 2014

This Silky Turns 11 Today!

Happy Barkday to Me!

Firstly, let's go down the memory lane from Pupkid to 10th birthdays;
(certain years no celebration so those photos were from dates near my birthday that year).

 About 4 months old (Mom & Dad just had me for 12 days):

1 yr old (no celebration):
so untidy!

much better! My coat color has turned lighter by this time, which is normal for Silky Terriers. However, I have curly wavy fur, not straight and silky like a "standard" Silky. That is why I look messy with long coat. But I get to save on hair-perming BOL.

2 yr old: 

3 yr old (no celebration): 

4 yr old:

5 yr old (no celebration):

6 yr old:

7 yr old (no celebration):

8 yr old (no celebration again):

9 yr old (no celebration again and again):

10 yr old:

This year, 11 years old!! Photos were taken yesterday.

{Purple Sweet Potato & Oatmeal Pupcake}

I am wearing purple to match the pupcake color BOL

Made from human ingredients safe for furkids, mom had one pupcake and said it tasted yucky not so delicious.  Good! So I can have 'em all for myself (mom made 6).

Well, furriends....how have I changed if at all?


  1. Happy Birthday, Bowie!

    We share a birthday (Roxy). A pupcake that the peeps don't like...BONUS!

    We think you're just as handsome as ever.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. Happy Birthday Bowie!
    Moar cake!

  3. What a special day!! Happy Happy Birthday
    Lily & Edward


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