04 June 2016

My After Bath Routines

After bath tortures, I would get wrapped up in my towel and carried to the room to be blow-dried.
Note: Carried. I'm a KING, remember? Oh geez, a KING who gets tortured!!

These are my stoned looks which totally prove that I do indeed get tortured:

Then a little 'dance' with the arms after realising that the hardest part was over:

Not knowing that another would begin!
Blowing starts (on lowest aka coolest setting):

Mom gets to do hand exercises too since she has to keep moving the dryer all over me (to prevent burning)!

Blowing-in-progress ... Furs flying left, right, left, right...
Notice I get natural center-parting?? buahahaha
That little pink towel, mom uses it with the other hand to wipe me at same time, in order to dry me faster.

Taa-Daaaaaa! All done! And I'm a happy handsome dude BOL

Standard Protocol says I get a treat after the torture. 
So here's my raw french bean; nom...nom...nom 

 Standard Protocol also states that I need to nap after torture.



  1. I's so glad I just bathe myself!

  2. We hate the water torture, too. So unfair, we can't fight back.


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