06 September 2016

Snoopervisor At Work

I walked by and saw mom sorting out our dirty laundry (to be washed).

So I decided to take on the role of Snoopervisor to make sure that she did the sorting correctly.

Yes, yes, that's correct. 

On second thought, this is rather boring .....

*the sleepy bug started to crawl in*

*eyelids getting heavier and heavier....*

*finally the snoopervisor couldn't take it anymore!*

Butt, Snoopervisor's head suddenly sprang up!
"Yeah you better take extra care with MY clothes, Slave!"

Those are my special laundry drying space BOL
(we do not own nor use the dryer)


  1. Did she wash your stuff without your permission!
    Lily & Edward

  2. We just love to snuggle up on HER laundry. Sometimes SHE has trouble getting us off!

    We have a dryer, but only use it when it rains or mid-winter. Usually, we have loads of sun and wind to do the job.

    Now you have your choice of all your clothes.


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