01 September 2016

Abs and Obliques Exercise

I do abs and obliques exercises all the time, my favourite!

Take my advice furriends, you need to do this every once in a while (best everyday) to keep in shape else the hoomans start cutting your treats, your diet, and every foodables you can think of!

This move strengthens your neck while keeping those "tyres" around the neck at bay.
Do this for 20 secs:

Then rest for 10 secs:

Then do this move (alternate lifting of your knee to the side) which strengthens your core and obliques for 20 secs:

Rest again for 10 secs.  OR,

you can snoopervise your hooman see what he/she is doing: 

Do the above for 3 sets.

Finally, cool down and rest.


  1. Now you tell me! Two months ago my peeps cut back my treats and instead of always having a bowl full of food, now I get 2 scoops per day. Bowie, I needed this important message waaaaay before today.

    Aroo to you,

  2. Great workout, Bowie. We're going to try that...specially the watchin' your peeps move. We want all the treats we can get.


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