07 January 2018

Dec 31, 2017

The last day of 2017 did not end that well for us.

Suddenly that day, I was just walking weird. Walked like a drunken chicken, I could not balance well and was wobbly. First day 2018 still like that. Second day same! Mom was worried sick and started imagining the worst of what was happening with me -- I was stumbling when I walked and fell hard on my face a few times!!!

This was how I was walking Dec 31, 2017 - Jan 3, 2018:

No video or photo of me falling (collapsing might be a more proper term!) mom says it's scary and she was heartbroken!! :'(

January 3, mom quickly made a dogtor appointment and we went down. I was made to stand on that scary metal table and touched all over! My legs were manoeuvred and then I was made to "catwalk" on the floor. Then I was 'dognapped' into a scary room full of weird machine where the dogtor could see the insides of my body! Holy Sh#@!

Some 5-10 minutes later, I was returned to mom and dad. Dogtor told them the insides of my body show that:

1.   Hind knees are arthritic (right knee being worse);

  • No wonder I was unwilling/unable to "squat" properly and unable to stand too long. Have trouble standing up too nowadays. When I sit down, my bum would hit the floor hard instead of lowering it gently...
  •  See how my hind legs are not fully extended?

2.   Degenerative signs on the lumbar (lower back) section of my spinal discs (X-Ray unable to show whether the discs are herniated ie. slipped discs; only a CT Scan can);

  • I have been arching my back like a camel. Dogstor thinks perhaps due to my spinal nerves being 'pinched' and in pain. But I am not dragging my feet which is a good sign.

3.   Heart is enlarged and pressing on my trachea

  • I had been diagnosed with heart murmur in 2011. No coughing till recently it happens more frequently. Not a good sign. I can have heart failure anytime when it gets worse and worse. Will have to consider giving heart medication, or not.
For now I've been prescribed pain relief med for 2 weeks and anti-inflammatory med for 4 days. Follow-up check in 2 weeks.

January 4 and 5:
Slightly better than last few days.

January 6: slight improvement over 4th and 5th.

That was not quite bad compared to the before med!!

Today, January 7: even better than the 6th. Behaviour wise, last few days I was rather quiet (no mood for anything) didn't even whine when hoomans were eating (whining for my share of foods has been an ongoing behaviour nowadays). Today I was back to my usual whining BOL and more awake. 

So hopefully the medication works its magic, making me pain free able to walk properly and happy again! Please send me some POTP mom says i need 'em. Thank you All.


  1. Dear Bowie I am sending you lots and lots of POTP I do hope you have magic meds and they help you
    Big hugs to you and your peeps
    Loves and lucky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. We are sending you a lot of POTP little guy! We hope that the medicine helps you get back to normal soon! Sending calming hugs for your momma too!

  3. POTP is on it's way....lots of it! SHE says walking on tiles hurts HER arthritic knees, maybe you need a small carpet runner you can walk on. Glad the meds are helping. Our hearts are breaking, too. Hugs!


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