09 January 2018

The Last Time I Sit Like This

This was 27 Dec 2017 when I could still be in this position to chew my bones:

Now I've yet to be able to sit this way. It made chewing my bones a little difficult, somehow. 

The last 2 times mom gave me air-dried veal ribs this past week, I almost choked! Luckily mom was fast enough to dig at my throat. The first time, she managed to take out that last bit of rib and threw it away. The second time, however, I refused to let go of that last bite after mom dislodged it from my throat. I bit hard, not opening my mouth and clamping my teeth real tight...which meant mom's fingers were also caught inside my mouth. Oh boy! She screamed in pain but luckily no puncture or anything. She managed to get her fingers out still attached and I finished that last bit of ribs. 

*Sorry, mom :P *

No more ribs to-date.


  1. We can understand not wanting to give up the rib, but it's never a good idea to bite your peep.

  2. Gosh, that was a difficult choice there, give up the foodables or bite your Mom!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


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