29 June 2006

The Entertainer

Oh nooooo..! Why do I have this feeling that there's nothing good out of this -- me being placed on the TV console, next to this 14" TV??? Mommy is bound to be up to something AGAIN :( The big TV had died and was disposed of. So while waiting for the new TV to be delivered, I became the object of entertainment. Hmm... is this one of the reasons human keep us as pets? So that we can drive away their boredom?

Please, Mommy, carry me down please please? I promise I'll be a good boy (for today)...

Mommy would only carry me down if I posed next to the TV and put on a smile. Better do as she says or else I'd be up here for eon years. So here goes:

How's that for the camera? ^_^

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