30 May 2006

Why Am I So Short?

Life's really unfair :( Why am I short-legged? Why? Why? Wait a minute! Maybe it's the table that is too high for me!! That must be it! Why am I complaining? Mommy has always told me that I'm already living better than most of my counterparts who stay in shelters, SPCAs or worse... homeless. So what if I'm slightly short? *gives myself a tight slap on the right cheek and another on the left cheek*



Pity me Daddy, please? Toss me the ball ... I can't reach for goodness sake!

No, it's still too high. I've stretched myself like a sausage can't you see??!!

Hmph! It's not fun at all! ..... What? You want to toss me the ball now?

Shit! Not only am I short-legged, I am also naive! In all my efforts trying to reach the ball & not getting it in the end, I had made myself one step closer in becoming a sausage-dog. *wails loudly*

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