03 May 2006

Hump, hump, hump .....

Yes, my mommy is a responsible owner! I was sterilised at a tender age of 8 months old (*sob, sob*) .... (*flashed back to that fateful day....: ...was sent to the vet and mommy left me at the back of the clinic where I was to be 'cut'; still remember I was frightened as I didn't know at first why I was abandoned there. Then as I was prepared by the vet's assistant for the op, a chill went down my spine! It struck me that perhaps that was IT!! I had heard mommy & daddy talking about it but never occurred to me that it'd happen so soon. The next thing I rem was seeing mommy's face peering at me from outside my crate. I was very happy to see her but my limbs were numb and my head spinning. Oh god! "Is it over?" i asked myself. Then mommy & daddy brought me home. I only got back my strength the very next day, still wobbling as I walked like a drunken dog! Mommy laughed at me but amidst her laughter, I could see the look of heartpain in her eyes.....*back to reality*)Now, don't think that just because I lost my manhood I do not have the urge anymore. I still do ok? So when I have my needs, I look for daddy's legs for consolation, whoahahaha... See the proof above. I also have fetish for feet! hiak..hiak..hiak.. but not to worry, I only like my humans', not anyone's hor. *feel proud*

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