29 May 2006

Mommy had nothing better to do!

Here's the proof:

First she made me look so close at the camera and snapped a picture of my cutie face.....

next she held on to my muzzle to take my cute button nose....

... then she caught me unaware while I was snoozing to take my paw pad. I thought that these should be all; I mean, how big is my body? What else can mommy take? But I was very wrong!!

No, this is not a thinned-out feather duster. It's my flag (my tail lah)!! Mommy just wouldn't give up, I definitely think she's too bored @_@

This will not the end of it. Mommy just told me that next time she'll be taking pictures of my ... ... okie, I shall not divulge it yet. Keep tuned to my blog if you want to find out. ^_^

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