08 June 2006

Dawg Tired - No Pun Intended

Like I said, I was really tired so I just stretched out in the middle of nowhere and went to dreamland. Wondering whose ugly slippers those are? Who else but mommy's!! hahaha.... But I always like to sleep on them, near them or poke my nose in between the straps. I don't bite or chew on them since I'm such a good boy. Honest! The slippers have been around for as long as I am and they're still in good condition. For that matter, I've chewed on nothing around the house that aren't meant for my consumption ... ahem ... well ... , only some tissue papers which I stole from the waste bin when I was younger but that's really all!! I swear!

Now let me have a good afternoon nap on this comfy sofa while you go on to read my other stories. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......



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