21 June 2006

Hong Kong, Hong Kong! -- part 2

16 June 06

Today my humans first day having breakfast in HK, so naturally must go and eat dim-sum! Went to 蓮香樓
in Central. A very typical dim-sum place, sharing table, old waiters serving tea and topping up with hot water, and aunties pushing the dim-sum carts. Check out the videoclip for a live feel of the place. It was a Friday morning mind you:

Sorry, that was so much Mommy managed to video-taped. Dared not hold the camera too high, sekali let people scold :P

After that they went jalan-jalan at Mongkok. Went to Argyle Centre but most shops not opened yet. Aiyo, it was already 11am+ so boh-pian. Then walked and walked saw Langham Place Hotel so went in to take a look. Hmm, an expensive looking place. Luckily mom/dad did not stay here since they were upgraded for free ^_^.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mommy said the hotel lobby smelled very fragrant. Both humans went to use their toilets; didn't stay but must at least try the toilets hahaha.....

After that, daddy said time for 菠蘿油Po Lo Yau! So yeah! They went to Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Honolulu Cafe for lunch-cum-teabreak.

The famous HK 菠蘿油 Po Lo Yau HK$5:
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The also famous 蛋撻 Egg Tart HK$6:
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And the 壇島咖啡 HK$13:
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Tasting the coffee now, it has a sourish tinge to it. A different flavour from what you humans usually get back home in Singapore. Oh, have to add sugar on your own unless you prefer sugarless coffee.

It was back to the hotel for some rest before going out again when it was DINNER time!!! Went to a restaurant for some seafood to make up for the 西貢 Xi Koong seafood trip that they didn't go.

Fish with ginger on fried rice HK$78:
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A tad too salty.

Mixed breed of prawn & lobster, called 瀨尿蝦Lai Niu Har (in cantonese), with crispy fried garlic HK$68 PER PIECE:
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For desserts, 椰汁燉燕窩 double-boiled bird's nest in coconut milk HK$38:
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It was so hot mommy scalded her tongue. OUCH!

One thing I wish to note, mommy says it must be the HK culture that unlike in Singapore, the waiter/ess stood there waiting instead of leaving the bill with you before coming back to collect the money. Then when the waiter/ess returned with the change, he also stood there waiting. Daddy didn't see a HK$20 note flipped/stucked onto the other side of the folder and the waiter went off with it thinking it must be the tip! Duh! They were supposed to give a 10% discount because mommy presented the discount booklet. Not only no discount was given, they took off with our HK$20!!! Arrgh! Luckily it was only HK$20 otherwise it would seem so petty to ask back for the money alamak, what a dinner!

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