09 June 2006

Mop Floor Time (part 2)

To continue from part 1 of "Mop Floor Time" where I said I was confined on the sofa, recently Mommy decided not to do that anymore. I asked her why and she told me that because she thinks that I've grown up and has understood her whenever she told me not to get near to where she's just finished mopping. She was pleasantly surprised when she found me resting at one corner in the kitchen (as shown by above pic) instead of walking everywhere. ^_^

However, once I see that mommy has finished with the bedrooms and going to do the living area next, I will then position myself near the kitchen door so that I can see what's going on. Being a terror (oops! I mean "terrier"), I just can't supress the curiosity in me :P

Ahem....anyone noticed from the above pic that my fur is actually 'flying'??? Click to see the video clip below and you'll understand why.

~~ Blow Me Away ~~

The fan is used to blow dry the floor. Since it's positioned at the kitchen entrance and I must be there to monitor things, I can only let it blow me away... ...

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