08 June 2006

My Everyday Walkie

At lift lobby outside my home, waiting for the elevator. Usually I will be in an excited state, charging towards everywhere AND checking the ground for anything I can put into my mouth. It makes mommy and daddy so mad heeheehee........

~~~ Inside the elevator ~~~

Bowie: "Mommy, why is it taking so long? I feel giddy!"
Mommy: "You are always so impatient. It takes a while to go down from 10th floor you know?"

Yeah, finally we reached the ground floor. Mommy always let me walk on such rough surface as much as possible, to have natural nail filing she says. Wait! I smell something! Let me check it out first.

Reading my pee-mail. Hmm... this mail is from that pomenarian who always cries whenever I leave after our meeting.

He asked why he has not seen me lately?

Mommy: "Bowie! Turn around and give a smile. I'm taking a photo of you."
Bowie: "Ok."

Oh gosh! I'm caught red-handed! But I'm writing a pee-mail for my friend.

sniff, sniff..... and my walkie continues...

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