20 June 2006

Hong Kong, Hong Kong! -- part 4

18 June 2006

Breakfast at a 24-hr eatery near to the hotel. It's called 點心皇 Dian3 Xin1 Huang2. They ordered one of the sets, with Fried Beehoon and Chee Cheong Fun (mommy said taste not bad wor):

.... and porridge; the set costs HK$14. The porridge looks plain but it tastes good!

What else but Char Siew Bao ^_^:

... Siew Mai:

... Chee Cheong Fun:

It was just nice lunch time, so made one last killing at the Hong Kong International Airport before dashing to the boarding gate. Wanton Noodle in Soup, HK$38:

They said the wanton, aawww... so wonderful! Singapore's wantons please stand aside!

~~~~~~ So much for this HK trip! ~~~~~~

After coming home from boarder's house on 18 June 06, the night Mommy & Daddy came back from HK, I was totally knocked out. There were 4 or 5 other dogs so much of my energy was expanded. Shhh..! Don't disturb me! 阿寶 charging battery... ...

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