09 June 2006

Mop Floor Time (part 1)

Of course it's not me who mops lah. But I was always "confined" on the sofa whenever mommy mopped the floor. Well, actually I should not say confined because there was nothing to block me from going down but being a good boy I always am, I know mommy wouldn't be happy if I leave my pawprints on the damp floor. Heehee I ever tried trotting on the yet-to-dry floor when mommy wasn't looking. She screamed at me when she saw me on the floor without her permission & chased me up the sofa. So there I was as shown on the pic.

Did you see the mop going underneath the sofa? Look at the right bottom corner of the above pic, it's the red colour mop stick I was looking at. And oh! my head so shiny eh? ^_^ hahaha...

Bowie: "Mommy! You haven't finished mopping yet, can you not waste time taking my pics? I need to take a leak ya know? High tide!"

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